WEDNESDAY 2/17/10: 7pm
Joe performs in concert at the Rivertown Presbyterian Church, Hillsborough, NC
"Spontaneous Joy" - Joe presents improvisations on jazz standards, classical themes, hymns, popular song, and demonstrations of musical spontaneity, including his “A.D.D. Improv”. Joe will also perform music from his groundbreaking CD: “Stories Without Words”.
“The joy when he plays is boundless and infectious” - Jazz vocalist Felicia Carter
Come, and share in the experience

SATURDAY 2/20/10: 7pm
Joe performs in concert at the Seacrest Presbyterian Church, Delray Beach, Fla
"Spontaneous Joy" -  see description above

SUNDAY 2/21/10: 6pm
Joe performs in concert at the Lake Worth First Church of the Nazarene, Lake Worth, Fla
Pianist Joe Holt presents improvisations on hymns, Christian song, Classical themes, and demonstrations of musical spontaneity - including his “A.D.D. Improvisation”.
Joe will also perform music from his groundbreaking CD: “Stories without words”
“I stand in awe of Joe‘s ability and gifts” - Dr. Kenneth Mills, (Mid-Atlantic Dist. Superintendent)

SUNDAY 2/28/10: 10:30am
Joe performs in concert at the Denton Church of the Nazarene, Denton, MD
Pianist Joe Holt presents a morning worship concert. 
"Joe touches lives wherever he goes" - The Rev. Jonathan Mills

Joe also performs with:

SATURDAY 2/6/10: 8pm - CANCELLED due to snowstorm - rescheduled 5/15/10
Beth McDonald - "From the Heart" - in concert at the Avalon Theatre, Easton, MD
FRIDAY-SUNDAY 2/12,13,14/10: 6-10pm
The Joe Holt Trio - presented by Presented by Dave Schiff Society Choice Productions - at the Kitty Knight House, on the Sassafras, in Georgetown, MD
FRIDAY 2/26/10: 7-10pm
The Holly Lane trio - at the Globe, Berlin. MD.

Many other events take place. Call (877-JOE-HOLT) or e-mail Joe for info on any event not listed